Panoramic trail to one of the highest villages in Bulgaria

Gourmet and horses

Panoramic trail to one of the highest villages in Bulgaria

Gourmet and horses

The village of Lilkovo is one of the highest villages in the Northern Rhodopes. Its altitude is about 1500 m, and only the village of Manastir above the town of Lucky is the highest village in Bulgaria. The highest villages, Chamla and Mursalitsa, 1700 meters above sea level, are already depopulated. The location of the village is extremely beautiful and scenic. It belongs to the ridge of Varkhovrh/Chernatitsa. The river that passes through the village springs from the highest peak here, Moder. It makes a very large extension in which the village is located

The village bears the name of an unknown voivode Lilo from the time of the Turkish yoke. Before that, it had the Turkish name Iron Village. Bulgarians live here, this should be known, because those who have visited the village write in its description that Pomacs live here. They are Bulgarians, that's why the local church of St. Archangel is the largest in the region.

The ride to the village is extremely panoramic, as on the way to it we will cross the protected area Sredni livadi, and on the way back we will visit the village of Sitovo, making the ride even more interesting
This route is suitable for people with experience and for those who can ease (trot)

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