Riding and SPA in the Kingdom of Thracians


Riding and SPA in the Kingdom of Thracians


The Thracian Valley is an ideal location for riding with smooth, picturesque terrain of rose and lavender fields which allow for a faster pace. The trail combines plenty of canters and amazing scenery with ancient Thracian and Roman ruins, delicious wines and spa opportunities thanks to the healing mineral springs. Accommodations are comfortable throughout and you will often have access to a swimming pool, sauna or spa at your hotels. 

Throughout this ride you will explore many of the region's wonders such as visiting the biggest mound-temple in the Balkan peninsula, dating back to the VI-IV century BC. The itinerary includes visits to the fascinating towns of Plovdiv, Hissar and Koprivshtitsa, riding in the Sredna Gora mountains and a look at the Thracian Cult Complex which dates back to the 4th century BC. A wine-tasting is also included - the Thracian Lowlands are one of the most highly recommended wine regions at present, with Wine Enthusiast magazine describing the region as a place where "archaeological wonders combine with modern wines in a travel fantasyland.

Itinerary highlights 
  • Smooth and picturesque terrain allowing faster pace
  • Visiting the biggest mound-temple on the Balkan peninsula dating back to the VI – IV century B.C.
  • SPA procedures with healing, warm mineral water
  • Culinary delight (only fresh products)
  • Wine tours included
  • Wide variety pf landscapes
  • Small groups of up to 8 riders. 
  • • Swimming pool, sauna and spa at hotels 

PlovdivBulgarias –in the heart of the Balkan peninsular ,there is a city which keeps the remains of civilization much older than the roman, a city more than 8000 years old a contemporary of ancient Troy.Today its name is Plovdiv, but for the Thraians it was Evmolpia,,than the Macedonia king Philip, named it after himself Philipopolis.It was the  center of attractions  of all the great civilizations that inhabited this land,
Sredna Gora. Marvelous sights are revealed from Sredna Gora Mountains due to its central location – views to Balkan Mountains to the north, Rhodopi and Rila Mountains to the south, as well as to the vast Thracian Valley.

Hissar – an ancient town with many Roman ruins – including a several km wall, encircling the modern center. The place is well known for its 22 healing mineral springs. Nowadays Hissar is a famous SPA center.

Koprivshtitsa – it is the most interesting, the most beautiful and the most notable Bulgarian town from the Revival period. Its distinctive architecture, colourful houses, cobblestoned streets and old churches are the embodiment of decades of breakthrough in the life of modern Bulgaria. In the middle of the 19th c. the economic and spiritual rise of Koprivshtitsa had turned the town into a symbol of the reviving nation. The April Uprising against the Ottoman Empire started here in 1876. The prominent revolutionaries Todor Kableshkov and Georgi Benkovski, the writers Naiden Gerov and Lyuben Karavelov, poet Dimcho Debelyanov – they all were born here. Their native houses are open to visitors.

Thracian Cult Complex in Starosel comprises of a vault tomb, another tomb with colonnade and several cenotaphs from 5th-4th c. BC.

Reception at the airport at 14:00 and transfer about 1h30 (125 km) by minibus to Belashtitsa, village located only a few kilometers from Plovdiv, considered cultural capital of Bulgaria. Here you will find traces of civilizations much older than the Romans. We visited the historic city of more than 8000 years, including the Ethnographic Museum and the ancient theater, one of the best preserved still existing. Dinner and overnight in a very comfortable hotel with pool and spa.
After breakfast, transfer to Tsaratsovo village (aprox 30 min) from where we start our journey. Actually the starting point is  one of the biggest and most famous horse sport facility in Bulgaria.
Today’s destination is the thermal center of  Hisarya. The most famous SPA center in Bulgaria, unique with its 22 healing mineral springs. Except a famous  health resort, Hisarya is also  a famous historical place, full of archaeological finds from the Thracian times and the Roman Empire, so you walk in the middle of Roman baths, aqueducts, bastions and fortified walls.
Five and a half hours if riding ,along smooth fields allowing high paces,a picnic lunch beside a river with wine and BBQ.
Tonight you stay at a spa hotel with swimming pool with mineral water,sauna, massage centre and jacuzi.
 Today’s terrain is flat and hilly; the trail passes by fields and vineyards, meadows and oak forests. We are heading to wine cellar, where besides great wine tasting and superb cuisine you can indulge yourself with some SPA treatments as well.
On our way we will visit the largest preserved Thracian king complex with a temple-mausoleum in Southeast Europe. You will have the opportunity to visit this recently found Thracian complex, still in excavation. Learn about the mysterious Thracians and their amazing cultural heritage and historic significance.
Four hours of riding,lunch from the saddlebags beside a beautiful meadows.
 Today, the five-hour long hike takes you to the historic city of Koprivshtitsa, dating back to the Renaissance. It is located in a picturesque valley along the Topolnitsa River, in the heart of Sashtinska Sredna Gora. The authentic atmosphere of its cobblestone streets takes you back in time. You’ll have a guided tour around this amazing villagе.
After breakfast, you guide your horse on the ridge of the mountain, with magnificent views of the prolific "Valley of the Rose". The seaside resort of Strelcha awaits you at the foot of the mountain. Your spa-hotel for the night again offers massages and mineral water treatments. Dinner at the hotel.5hrs 30 min ride

After breakfast You visit the Thracian ritual temples around the city, from the IV to the VI century BC. You have lunch on the shores of Lake Belovitsa, before leaving for an afternoon in the saddle. Your hotel has large spa and swimming pool for a well deserved rest.  5 hrs ride
Another day of riding along smooth the  vineyard and rose fields towards a famous riding center .On our way we will cross а beautiful river abd a rosary oil factry,smelling for last time the Famous Bulgarian Rose. 4hr 30min ride
Last overnight is in a 4+* star hotel with big spa and swimming pool
After breakfast a transfer to Sofia, around 90 min or 120km by a minibus.
The course may be modified for reasons of safety, weather or unforeseen circumstances.
The names of the accommodations are given for information purposes. Depending on availability, they may be modified and replaced without notice by another accommodation of the same category.

Minimum group size:3

Maximum group size:8

Ability description:Riders should be confident intermediate and above, happy to ride at walk, trot and canter in open country and for long distances. Some of the terrain is rough (and they sometimes trot over difficult ground) with trots and canters sometimes being fairly long. With this in mind, we only recommend the trail for riders who are quite fit.

Type of ride:Trail ride.

Total riding time:6 days of riding with hours varying from 4 to 5 hours each day. 

Travel Information

Guests can fly into Sofia or Plovdiv. The tour starts in Plovdiv but most guests fly to Sofia as there are a lot of flights into and out of the capital city.

Transfers are included from the two airports at set times. You should ideally arrive into Sofia no later than 16:00, in order to allow time for sightseeing in Plovdiv. On departure day your flight should not leave Sofia before 12:00.

If you are coming into Plovdiv instead then please contact us for timings.

Airport: Sofia

Alternative Airport: Plovdiv

1420 €

Single supplement 160 eur

DATES 2021


24 April - 1 May, 

8-15 May, 

22-29 May,

25 September - 2 October,

9-16 October,

23-30 October,

6-13 November.

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