Riding Trips

A journey of a lifetime

Mursalitsa National Park trails.Architectural and folklore reserve Shiroka Laka and Gela.

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding
Both beautiful and mysterious, the Rhodope mountain has preserved villages - a true masterpiece of Renaissance artistry. We will embark on an incomparable experience to two iconic destinations for the Rhodope Mountains
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Kingdom of Orpheus

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days riding
The name of the Rhodope mountain was known as early as antiquity. It was mentioned by Homer , Virgil and Ovid the most legendary authors of epic poems.
The Rhodope is a mountain which delights all senses, the cristal clean air, the untouched nukes of beauty, the incredible natural phenomenons formed thousands of years ago and of course the echoing sound of the wonderful Rhodope song
Have you heard the legend of Orpheus? The mythical singer who enchanted everyone with his music, people beasts and birds. He was born here In the Rhodope mountain and his whole life passed in these lands              
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Kosowo village - the place where ancient history comes alive

One day horse tour
A hidden treasure in the heart of the Central Rhodopes.an Emblematic Village, where two of the most famous Revival age movies were shot, namely  “The Goat Horn” and parts of  “ Notes of the Bulgarian Uprisings”.
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Riding through "Sredni Livadi" Protected areа

Two days horse tour
Another hidden Rhodopen treasure ,with more than 5 centuries of history. Not only holding remains of ancient civilizations, here starts the longest eco-trail in Bulgaria ending near the Aegean Sea (Greece). This makes Orehovo, one of the best starting points for tours in the Rhodopes
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Hourly Rides

From 1 to 3 hours
Horseback riding for absolute beginners with qualified instructor in the Magical Mountain of Orpheus- The Rhodopes, only 30 minutes from Plovdiv
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Riding and SPA In the Kingdom of Thracians

This beautiful new ride , a dream trail for Stela tours designed especially for those who love a lot of canter, great comfort and amazing  nauture with a lot of history and culture.
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