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This family-run riding center was founded in 2008 and is one of the most popular riding stables in Bulgaria, accredited to both the Bulgarian Federation of Equestrian Sports and the Bulgarian Equestrian Tourism Association. Now run by the founder's son, Bogdan Syarov (a qualified vet), the stables offers adventurous mountain trails on fit, forward-going horses. The equestrian centre was started so that the Syarovs, a keen show-jumping family, could share their love of horses and their passion for this beautiful region.

Bogdan and his family pride themselves on their horses, all of whom are good-natured, brave and very much loved. Riding here is with English saddles, primarily Wintec, and the quality of tack is excellent. Although this is not a large stables they ensure that spare horses are always available. The horses are responsive and willing with great fitness, allowing for plenty of trots and canters along the way as well as safe passage over rough mountain terrain. The Rhodope Mountains ('Rodopis') offer incredible views and miles of peaceful riding routes and have been known since ancient times, mentioned by the legendary poets Homer, Virgil and Ovid. With their clean and unspoiled nature and magical villages, the Rhodopes have kept the value of the Bulgarian spirit throughout the centuries.
The stables is situated in an ideal location with scenic riding country and an abundance of cultural, natural and historical attractions within riding distance. Highlights include 'Chudnite Mostove' ('The Wonderful Bridges'), the protected area of Shiroki Livadi, the Lilkovsko Plateau, Tamrazh Reserve and the charming villages of Gela and Shiroka Laka. Rides start with a tour of the ancient city of Plovdiv, actually one of the world's oldest continually-inhabited cities. The Rhodope Mountains are one of the most biodiverse areas in Europe and are home to a range of fascinating flora and fauna - bears, wolves, wild cats, birds of prey and an incredible number of bat species inhabit the region and there are many interesting plants and flowers to be seen.

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