One day horse tour

Kosowo village - the place where ancient history comes alive

         Emblematic Village, where two of the most famous Revival age movies were shot, namely  “The Goat Horn” and parts of  “ Notes of the Bulgarian Uprisings”
         The Rhodopean Village Kosowo is an Architectural reserve with more than  60  monuments, 5 of which of national importance. These are the church “Uspenie Bogorodichno” (“Assumption of Virgin Mary”) from 1851, ( “Hadzhiyskata” ) - House architectural monument from 1853. Very interesting are also the old school (1889) , the chapels “St. Nedelya” and “St. Peter” , the mill, the forge, as well as most of the old houses in the village.

The price includes:

» Profesional guide
» Lunch (Traditional Rhodopean Lunch) in a revival age guest house, an cultural monument also known as "Hadzhiiskata Kushta"

Riding time : 4 hours and 30 minutes

Minimum age: 9 years
Maximum rider weight: 100 kg.
Riding experience: No past experience required



80.00 €